What can you do to be the church?

The Church doesn't cease being the Church when it can't go to church. Make sense? Look, its hard to understand our individual roles as the hands and feet of Christ when our immediate sense of community feels taken from us. This is just my two-cents here, but I think it is OKAY to feel an initial sense of discouragement. Worship on Facebook is nice, but its not the same as hearing the chorus of voices on a Sunday morning. However, our relationship with God does not stop in the absence of our public gathering. We are still called to save the lost during this confusing moment in history. But how do we do that? This is by no means an exhaustive list, and my goal is to update this as our local church figures things out together. My prayer for all of this is an attitude of humble positivist that rests on the assurance of a grace and salvation that does not change, no matter what.

-Jesse, BUMC Youth Director and website editor person

  • Pray

    I want to challenge you to something specific here: Pray for that person who you think has this all wrong. If you're angry or upset at the "media," the President, the Church, or that person on Facebook who is just being ridiculous over the current state of things, I challenge you to pray by name for those people. Anger and outrage are enemies of Peace. Confusion and bitterness are enemies of Peace. Prayer heals  the heart; I challenge you to pray for your heart, and the hearts of others.

  • Study

    [insert joke about finally having time for a quiet devotion] Where you used to attend a Sunday School class or Bible Study, consider taking time by yourself to study God's Word. I don't think any of us would have missed this one, but my bet is that many of us can get busy and miss this in our daily walks. Maybe this time away from gathering will give you the time and space to dive deeper into Scripture.

  • Fellowship

    Do you remember that game show with the "phone a friend" life line? I think that is a pretty good word of action to us over the next few weeks. Imagine some of our elderly community members who might be confined to there house, or even that person a few pews down you hadn't seen in the past few weeks. Now is as good a time to ever to give them a call and just say hello. Humans were built to live in community with one another, phone calls, texts, and emails included.